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Writing: Worked my way through 3 cards. Well, four but the one is all the words I shouldn’t use. That card will be added to and reapplied later I’m sure. Lost 219 words.

Exercise: A brisk walk to CVS.

Food: Bowl of cereal, herring on crackers, cashews, skinny cow bar, one Kilt Lifter, three-fourths of a hummus plate and some salad, the yearly piece of pumpkin pie. Over-ate on the whole. Dessert has been had.

Other: Got the mail into the mail. Got Fuel Eater scene into Fuel Eater. Forgot about laundry.

Fun: A bit of neopets here and there.

Lots of talk about future plans with Eric. Running options. But now it’s late, my teeth feel grungy, and I want to read.

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MS Word needs a new feature, one that will set off an alarm and make the screen flash red when I type the word ‘nearly’.

And alerts the police department when I use ‘even’. Cripes.

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It is December, which means vaction is over. I didn’t finish NaNo, but we got a good 25K done on Fuel Eater. Now it’s back to Model Species. This morning, I made up note cards with all the little things (and a few big things) that need to be addressed. I count 27 cards currently. This is in addition to a good editing reread. That will spawn more cards, I’m sure.

Last thing on Fueleater before I set it aside: I need to reincorporate a scene that Eric was working on.

Also today, I need to go to the post office and get stamps and mail my slightly overdue rent. Time completely got away from me last month.

Laundry needs to be done. And maybe dishes.

But first, now, a shower.