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The weekend, and that includes Monday, reaped no writing done, no exercise, and probably several poor food choices. It did have lots of gaming and lots of EverQuest. I did finish most of my Christmas cards, all of the Christmas shopping for my family, and we did half the book shopping for the young’uns. Not the half that needs to be mailed, but one can’t have everything.

Signed up for Netflix over the weekend. I’m generally disappointed with how poor Blockbuster’s stock is. And at our ghetto Blockbuster, fellow patrons seem to enjoy shuffling titles around. We’ll see how it goes. To be delivered today are Episode III (which Eric hasn’t seen) and Onegin (which, yeah, like our ghetto Blockbuster is going to carry that…).

Twenty-two notecards left.

The apartment is a mess. Filing and bill-paying need to be done.

And thus is Monday. Oh wait, it’s Tuesday…