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Yesterday: Had a very down day and didn’t feel like communicating with the outside world. Doing only slightly better today.

Writing: Two cards yesterday, and much talk about religion in the world. Nothing yet today. I’m mulling for the most part.

Exercise: Nothing yesterday, trip to Target today.

Food: Yogurt and granola bar, french bread pizza, probably some nuts, and linguine thing yesterday. Today, peanut butter and marmalade on crackers, yogurt and granola bar, & nuts so far.

Other: I got out of bed yesterday, does that count? Today, aforementioned trip to Target, laundry, filing, dusting.

Fun: EQ yesterday, general goofing off today. Watched Moon over Parador. I had never seen it though Eric had fond memories of it. It was pretty funny in parts, started very slow.

And so completes the first round of Netflix movies. Today I received Disc 1 of Highlander Season 1. I’ve only seen a few episodes of the Highlander series. Lacking better cable, I haven’t even seen them in rerun. On the way is my honeymoon, Gladiator.