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I did get a small amount of work done Friday, but nothing like I should have. I want to do better this week.

Martha’s Christmas party was Saturday night. I set a new record for personal drunkenness. I really shouldn’t do that. It’s not good. Hope I didn’t make too much of an ass of myself. It’s never good having bits I don’t remember. I kept Eric up until 4am.

That left me pretty out of it on Sunday. Chris called at about 10:30 to meet at IHOP for breakfast and then gaming. I really should write up what I can remember of the gaming session because I didn’t keep my journal during it and it good. We ended up facing four hill giants backed up by several priests and ‘the other guy with the gun.’ ‘Course we didn’t know that until he took down Jacques (our guy with a gun). Even with his shield, Dhastehi got pounded by a giant, and with Jacques down, neither of us could do much damage to the giants. Spugnoir was put out of the fight by a well-place blind spell. Mr. Steve countered the guy with the gun, taking him out of the fight, and then started teleporting us out. He got Spoonie, Dhastehi, Jacques’ body and me out before a giant pounded him. The fate of my bard, and ‘the other guy with the gun’ is unknown.

So, today:
Works, of course.
We got the rest of the book-buying done, so I need to wrap and send them.
Tidying of the apartment.
There’s the Freescale bowling-and-food holiday event tonight at 4pm. I keep forgetting about it. I haven’t bowled in nearly ten years. It will be interesting to see how my rheumatoid joints take to it.
I really should get some exercise in. We might have dinner with Mark and Trish tomorrow night, so maybe no disc.