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Writing: Working my way through a pretty long card. I’m about half way through this pass of the ms.

Exercise: Mile run.

Food: Two pieces of pizza, a biscuit and a half with peanut butter and marmalade, three bits of Christmas goodies. Going to dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery. I plan on having the club. Then again, I might try the Mahi tacos.

Other: Laundry, dishes, long phone conversation with my brother.

Fun: A bit of Neopets this morning.

It feels like finals week.

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Writing: Cleared a card, talked with Eric about the new terminology.

Exercise: Walk to the post office, walk to the bus stop, bowling. I’m not sure any of those count, really. Bowling was alright as long as I kept my hand and wrist very straight. I averaged a 70 (my best out of four games being 110 and the worst being 31).

Food: Pizza, more pizza, lots of Chinese food, a half biscuit with marmalade, slice of fruitcake.

Other: Wrapped all the books, sent the ones to the Uedings.

Fun: During the day, not much. Watched some Highlander after bowling and dinner.

I took the bus down to Eric’s work for bowling and dinner. While walking to the bus stop, a bug flew into my hair. I didn’t see what kind it was. I reached up to disentangle it, and it was, of course, a bee. It stung me on the side of the neck. That hurt a bit and…well…stung. I debated whether I should go back home and let Eric know this, or stop at the gas station for…ice or something. I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember how serious a bee sting was. When I was a kid, I stepped on a bee, and all hell broke loose. I was crying because my foot hurt, my adults were fussing over it. This time was much less of an event. But at least I knew I wasn’t ultra allergic to bees. I fiddled with the sting and pulled something away. Looking at it, there was no doubt that it was a bee-butt. I thought my neck and face was swelling a little, but I didn’t feel like I was dying. So I continued on to the bus stop and on to bowling and dinner. This morning, it’s slightly swollen and red. Not different than any bug bite.

Jeeze, I’m tired this morning.