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Writing: 5 cards done. (17 left atm.) Three were things that I just wanted to check to make sure were there. I took care of while reading through on one big nasty card I started Tuesday. The fifth card was making sure that something was in good shape at the end of the book (Alcander’s physical health). That require a minor change here and there.

Exercise: Nothing yet. We’re planning on going out to disc tonight, but taking the bus down to play for a couple hours in the cold and dark doesn’t sound very promising to me. Plus I’m just social-ed out. But I’ll go if Eric feels like it.

Eating: Oatmeal, herring on Triskets with dijon mustard. Good thing I cleared the cards I did. I got fish oil on one and mustard on the other.

Other: Time to do a little housework.

Fun: Some online socializing this morning. Maybe a little EQ?

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I didn’t update yesterday? As much as I try to update everyday, it never works.


Writing: Nothing. I was tired and it was my birthday. Yes, that isn’t much of an excuse.

Exercise: Wednesday disc. Good game. My throwing was good. I threw two scores and caught four, but I think Amy kind of gave up toward the end which isn’t any fun. I think my inside-out forehand is a better bet then trying to break a forehand mark with a backhand. At least with the inside-out my left eye dominance doesn’t completely hose me.

Food: Uh… Bowl of cereal, French bread pizza, chimichanga with beans and rice, and an apple. Huh, I was good yesterday.

Other: Some cleaning in the backroom.

Fun: Too much Neopets and sudoku.