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6pm update:

The computer just did something strange, for which I restarted it and now it’s seemingly happy.

Writing: Working my way through some proprietary language. Slowly. The day would get my Trudging icon if not for all the rest.

Exercise: Did the 10th Street snake run. Felt good, I felt like I could have kept running.

Food: Three pieces of pizza and a cookie. Only one cookie.

Other: Half the laundry (I’ve run out of detergent) and 2/3 of the dishes.

Phone conversation with my mom after getting my Christmas presents (A Room with a View! Batman Returns! Both as 2-disc sets!). I was reading some of my old writings today for another project I’m thinking of doing. I’ve changed a bit, and it’s a good thing.

Need to finish dishes, some more word replacement.

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The weekend stretched from Friday to Monday:

No writing over the weekend aside from a bit of novel talk with Eric.

Not much exercise either, aside from throwing the disc around yesterday.

Let’s not talk about what I’ve been eating the last four days…

Other: Well, I did tidy up last night, but I need to do laundry, dishes, and exercise a bit.

Fun: There was lots of fun. πŸ™‚ Much gaming of the tabletop and PC variety. We went to see Chronicles of Narnia on Friday which was, agreed, spot-on. James McAvoy, especially. As Eric pointed out, they cast someone who looked okay shirtless, but wasn’t buff. And he could act too! And reconfirmed that I have a small thing for fauns/satyrs. *cough* Watched much Highlander and Black Hawk Down due to NetFlix. I found Black Hawk Down hard to watch. There were bits when I really considered getting up and doing something else for a while. I can’t imagine watching it in a theater. It was good being able to look over to Eric and comment on how terribly screwed up the situation was.

Anyway, the pull to play EQ right now is very strong, but I really need to eat and do some work. But first, How much do I cuss?