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Computer problems. Time for a restore, it seems. Oh joy.
Here goes nothing…

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The holiday was lazy.

Writing: Nothing aside from a small amount of talking last night about a new layer/subplot. Don’t quite know how I’m going to execute it yet.

Exercise: Got out and threw around yesterday, but that’s it.

Food: One of my meals over the weekend consisted of cookies.

Other: I did some dishes and tidying on Saturday.

Fun: Made a new EQ character. She’s already lvl 16. We worked on Peepville characters, but that was overshadowed by the group starting a Traveller campaign. A very intriguing Traveller campaign.

Calls were made on Sunday to wish everyone happy holidays. We got the Ueding’s package on Friday, filled with goodies of the non-eating kind. All was good though I hear rumors that my mom might quit school.

Today, I need to get back to work until the next three day weekend. The carpet really needs to be vacuumed. And I might head to CVS for exercise to check out what they have left for Christmas stuff.

We might get rain over the weekend.