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I didn’t spend much time in my apartment today, and what I did spend here I pretty much wasted…

Writing: None.

Exercise: Longer than usual Wednesday disc session, harder too with both Cayla and Natalie running me around. Also walked a mile to meet up with Eric at The Vine to watch the Alamo Bowl. (Huskers won! Yay! Screwy game though…)

Food: Granola bar, eggnog, kippers on crackers, chips, some chicken wings, most of a cheese quesadilla, and about half of a spinach dip, two Long Island ice teas.

Other: Got some bills out. Shaved my wookie legs.

Fun: Neopets.

I’m taking a book and going to bed now.

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My computer is back in mostly working order aside from moving all my music back on to it and playing with all the settings on everything.


Writing: Nothing

Exercise: A walk to CVS to buy yet more after Christmas stuff. Looking forward to disc tomorrow.

Food: Granola bar, yogurt, some chips, french bread pizza, small bit of marzipan, nachos, a fish taco, an apple. Was craving salt today.

Other: Tidied.

Fun: EQ. No really, I was testing my video driver installation!

Finished American Gods and No Life for a Lady in rapid succession. I’m trying to get *cough* 20 books read by the end of the year. I’m still undecided on Gods. There are parts that are clever, and I love a good con, but I’m not sure I buy the basic premise. I mean, no one worships old gods anymore, here in America or across the Atlantic. Eric pointed out that he also missed some good material in urban legends. But I guess this is what happens when one has been formulating theories on religion and belief for a while, and gods have little to do with either. Loved No Life for a Lady. Agnes Morley Cleaveland had a great voice and imparts history in the form of “I was there.” The books covers the rise and fall of New Mexico cattle baronies. It’s a book I’m glad I stumbled across.