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I was doing that thing where I go and read all the entries I made on a particular date throughout the history of my LJ. I do it every once in a while when I’m in Queen Procrastination mode. And I come across this entry. And now I want to reread all those books…

Also, I think I need a Queen Procrastination icon…

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Ow. I thnk I over did it yesterday. PMS probably played a part if it’s true that muscles and joints are a little too stretchy-bendy during this time of the month. My back hurts. My legs are better, but my back and right are is certainly worse. And I’m so hungry and tired…

But New Year Fest with 80s Ladies was fun, better than I expected it to be. I ended up handling a bunch because there really wasn’t anyone else to do so. If we had two ‘handlers’ on the field at once it was a lot. My hands during the first two games on Saturday were pretty sketchy, but after a beer I calmed down and did okay. Caught one score during our second game. I did not ‘sky’ anyone as JT might insist, but I did out read the defense and pulled it down. And while wearing a fingerless lace glove, no less. I had at least one hammer caught for a score too on Sunday. And…we won a game! We were not the worst team at NYF! Just the second worst. We did get a lot of compliments on our costumes and spirit, including the guys of Penultimate (an LA team) singing 80s tunes to us during our third game. I hope some pictures will make their way into my Scrapbook soon.

Eric played with Hustlers, Tucson’s Masters team. They won one game on Saturday, but ended up forefitting their second Sunday game after loosing players. They were down to eight guys and Eric’s knee was considerably wonky by that point. We’re both fairly gimpy today.

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DiGorno Microwave Rising Crust Pizza is…not good. The sauce tastes different, and the crust just doesn’t work. It’s kinda tasteless. Meh. I only ate half of it and I’m not sure I’ll eat the other half tomorrow morning. Yeah, I’m that unimpressed.

On the other hand, Kaliber non-alcoholic beer is quite good. It’s a nutty amber beer-ish thing with about half the calories of a soda. It does lack that slight bite that alcohol gives a beer though. But made by the brewers of Guinness, how could I go wrong.

Finished Ripley’s Game by Patricia Highsmith. More goodness. She sets her characters on those criminal paths and lets them walk on down. She’s certainly a writer who puts forces in motion to act upon the characters (in this case Ripley is the triggering force) and then draws up the characters in a realistic enough manner to write true to them. Both of the main characters were very distinguishable and I envy her ability to slid effortlessly between their over-the-shoulder POVs. My only criticism is that occasionally, her male characters think in a manner that is probably more female. There’s a little too much free-association in those thought processes.

So, that’s three books for the year thus far! For a slow reader like me, that’s spiffy. I might shoot for thirty books this year. I know I can’t do 50 (or 52). I’m slow and there’s some pretty thick books on my bed-side table (so to speak). But 30 is three books a week with some room to slack. I’m going to try to keep the rereads down, and disallow anything I’ve read over a third of previous to this year. Heh, why not make a resolution on the 25 of January?

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My ear hurts. I’d listen to some music or a podcast, but Eric’s asleep and I’d need headphones. Aw well.

Worked my way through the Gaent and Della scene and on to further rereading and re-ordering of scenes. Fun, fun, fun.

Went out to open play and, well, played. The weather was abnormally warm though slightly windy.

I really need to do dishes.

And file stuff.

But instead I think I’ll read more Ripley’s Game.

I’m still feeling quite hermity. It takes awhile to get myself to reply to emails and the like. And New Year Fest this weekend will send me to a new low level of sociability, I’m sure.

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Oh, and another newish movie we ‘rented’ from NetFlix that I haven’t mentioned: The Brother’s Grimm. I liked it in the way that I like Sleepy Hallow. It’s cool looking, it has actors I like, it’s a genre I like, but in the end it wasn’t a great movie. There was just too much stuff to it. The writers heaped on nods to just about every faerie tale they could think of without the tales becoming a solid whole. Eric’s comment was that it felt like D&D adventure module based on faerie tales. But, if gamers had gone through this movie it would have ended about 20 minutes earlier.

So, I should probably get some work done, huh? Hope the laundry room is free.

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I think I might finally have a handle on the Gaent relationship thing. We’ll see what Eric says. I’ve been dribble-drabble working on it since about 11:30 last night. It went easier today when I put on Abney Park and Sisters of Mercy. I still don’t understand why this book’s soundtrack is Goth.

Eric’s busy today. He worked through lunch and therefore had no disc clothes with him. Even him meeting up with me at TSC sounded sketchy, and I did nothing to encourage disc participation. It’s windy and I’m a bit bummed about the lack of activity on the part of my teammates. There hasn’t even been an email about anything since the beginning of January. I guess I’m not helping by not showing up. *shrug*

Anyway, went for a run instead to burn off the Red Bull giddiness. To the soccer field, seven times around (wide enough to avoid the soccer guys) and back from the soccer field.
Here’s what I’ve been listening to on my runs:

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Watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose via NetFlix tonight. I expected it to be a bit more ambiguous than it was. The music was obtrusive. But the girl that played Emily was interesting.

Working on Gaent’s ‘relationship.’ Yug.