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I ended up not sleeping much last night. I went back to bed around midnight, got up an read, went back to bed, tossed, turned, dozed. In the meantime, Eric woke up, tossed turned, and finally got up sometime after 3:30 when I finally fell asleep. Dreamt of Andy. I miss having his perspective on things.

Anyway, damn tired today. No more caffeine for me today and I’m not going to lay down until after ten. I want to sleep tonight dammit.

Writing: Been doing some reading. All seems…good.

Exercise: Wednesday disc. I was really not awake enough for four on four. Played half the time against one of the guys and the other half against a fresh Marnie. Dave reported some bad news: several Wednesday disc people from his group have been laid-off. Eric (not my Eric, the other one), Amy, and JT. And Brian’s leaving too in the near future. We’re going to need to recruit more Wednesday disc-ers.

Food: Oatmeal, coffee beverage, French bread pizza, chips, Red Bull, going to have a #2 for dinner.

Other: I made tea. That’s something, right?

Fun: Podcast catchup.