Daily Archives: January 17, 2006

I was just thinking last night about how silly it would be to have an ice skating version of Dancing with the Stars. Well, England’s already done it and Fox is launching theirs tomorrow. I forget that we have the English to blame for most reality TV, but somehow it seems more palatable when the English do it. If I think to watch, I might compare.

In the land of NetFlix, we’ve been watching Deadwood. We’re unhappily nearly through the first season and season two isn’t out on DVD yet. (Is season two even finished yet?) Gritty Western goodness. And I like NetFlix being our replacement for Blockbuster *and* cable TV. With the minimum plan, we watch a disc of episodes and a movie each week.

Working. Reading, tweeking, fixing small problems like tables that suddenly appear. Still haven’t worked in any weather and I wonder if that’s actually important.