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I think I might finally have a handle on the Gaent relationship thing. We’ll see what Eric says. I’ve been dribble-drabble working on it since about 11:30 last night. It went easier today when I put on Abney Park and Sisters of Mercy. I still don’t understand why this book’s soundtrack is Goth.

Eric’s busy today. He worked through lunch and therefore had no disc clothes with him. Even him meeting up with me at TSC sounded sketchy, and I did nothing to encourage disc participation. It’s windy and I’m a bit bummed about the lack of activity on the part of my teammates. There hasn’t even been an email about anything since the beginning of January. I guess I’m not helping by not showing up. *shrug*

Anyway, went for a run instead to burn off the Red Bull giddiness. To the soccer field, seven times around (wide enough to avoid the soccer guys) and back from the soccer field.
Here’s what I’ve been listening to on my runs: