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Oh, and another newish movie we ‘rented’ from NetFlix that I haven’t mentioned: The Brother’s Grimm. I liked it in the way that I like Sleepy Hallow. It’s cool looking, it has actors I like, it’s a genre I like, but in the end it wasn’t a great movie. There was just too much stuff to it. The writers heaped on nods to just about every faerie tale they could think of without the tales becoming a solid whole. Eric’s comment was that it felt like D&D adventure module based on faerie tales. But, if gamers had gone through this movie it would have ended about 20 minutes earlier.

So, I should probably get some work done, huh? Hope the laundry room is free.


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  1. 20 minutes?

    Only 20 minutes earlier? I think more like 40 minutes earlier. Once they would have gotten into the tower, it would have been all over.

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