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DiGorno Microwave Rising Crust Pizza is…not good. The sauce tastes different, and the crust just doesn’t work. It’s kinda tasteless. Meh. I only ate half of it and I’m not sure I’ll eat the other half tomorrow morning. Yeah, I’m that unimpressed.

On the other hand, Kaliber non-alcoholic beer is quite good. It’s a nutty amber beer-ish thing with about half the calories of a soda. It does lack that slight bite that alcohol gives a beer though. But made by the brewers of Guinness, how could I go wrong.

Finished Ripley’s Game by Patricia Highsmith. More goodness. She sets her characters on those criminal paths and lets them walk on down. She’s certainly a writer who puts forces in motion to act upon the characters (in this case Ripley is the triggering force) and then draws up the characters in a realistic enough manner to write true to them. Both of the main characters were very distinguishable and I envy her ability to slid effortlessly between their over-the-shoulder POVs. My only criticism is that occasionally, her male characters think in a manner that is probably more female. There’s a little too much free-association in those thought processes.

So, that’s three books for the year thus far! For a slow reader like me, that’s spiffy. I might shoot for thirty books this year. I know I can’t do 50 (or 52). I’m slow and there’s some pretty thick books on my bed-side table (so to speak). But 30 is three books a week with some room to slack. I’m going to try to keep the rereads down, and disallow anything I’ve read over a third of previous to this year. Heh, why not make a resolution on the 25 of January?