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I’m nervous and excited and I’m finding it hard to do anything. Watch, we’ll get rained out. I don’t even want to contemplate losing the game. It’s going to be ‘breezy’ if not rainy and that might make things interesting. *bounce, bounce*

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Writing: Reading through, fixing. Still working on it.

Exercise: Short run.

Food: Cheese pizza, kippers on crackers, Skinny Cow, chicken enchiladas w/beans & rice, half a granola bar pack, milk.

Other: Dishes, tidying.

Fun: Picking my way through free mp3s.

Tomorrow is the first night of league. The usual excitement is heightened. I wonder if I shouldn’t have a beer before I take the bus down to Benedict. Otherwise, I might be too excited. Bought beer tonight for post game. I was sad to see that Safeway doesn’t carry Kaliber any longer. There’s getting to Benedict rather than TSC, and getting shirts and cones and whatnot from Laurie. And seeing the team Eric and I have assembled. *bounce, bounce* And wouldn’t you know it, 30% chance of rain tomorrow night!

Rainless Meter:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
132 / 365
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I’m in a grumpy mood, so I’ll mutter about things that are bugging me today.

Issue one: How tampon commercials make your period seem positively life ending! unless you use their brand. I am reminded of when I was young and my period seemed positively life ending! which I whole-heartedly bought into. Until Roni Gibbs in 8th grade pointed out with the candor that could only be mustered by the long-haired rocker clique that it was something every girl had, why stress it?

Issue two: Chocolate Milk: The New Sports Drink? There is a point they’re missing about sports drinks: drinkability during the sport. If I had four hours between frisbee games, chocolate milk sounds like a great idea. After going for a run, the only run of the day, again it sounds like a great refreshing drink. Alas, when I need a sports drink most is during that fifteen or thirty minute interval between two frisbee games on tournament day. The thought of chocolate milk, which gives me a bit of a mucous problem, going down my thick-coated throat to sit and slosh in my stomach during the next game, does not sound appealing. Considering it on the sidelines between points makes me want to outright gag. Gatorade and Red Bull go down easy, and that’s important.

I wanna go to the library…

Rainless Meter:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
129 / 365
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Writing: Got about 30 pages of reading done. There’s a few items I want Eric to look at tomorrow.

Food: Oatmeal, PB&J waffles, coffee drink, Baja tacos, Skinny Cow, handful of nuts.

Exercise: None. I wasn’t encouraged by the poor air quality. I plan on running tomorrow.

Other: Laundry. Nothing above and beyond.

Fun: Usual. Lots of playing with the Yahoo Group.

There’s family drama on the horizon. My mother has sent a cryptic message about a secret my brother has been keeping. I have some idea what that’s about. I’m 90% sure that it’s total nonsense and will blow over in a week. I’m 97% sure it’s total nonsense that will blow over when it comes down to brass tacks. There’s 3% doubt. It could be that I don’t want to see what there is to see.

But I really am too tired to deal with family hysterics right now. The beautiful thing about email is that it can be pushed aside, as though never read. That doesn’t quite keep my shoulders from hiking up around my ears though. I hate drama.

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My first league draft was less painful than I expected it to be. All in all I think Eric and I put together a pretty good team. A fast team at very least. He managed to get Tom first round, three of the young guys that play at Intel, and the Tyler that’s been showing up to FreeDisc from Microchip. After that it was all shots in the dark on the male side. Though I picked fifth, I got Nicole and Jennie. Yes, I didn’t expect I’d pick Jennie, but I didn’t she was the best choice at the time. Our first game is Tuesday. This will be interesting…

The question is…will any game be rained out this season?
Rainless Meter:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
128 / 365
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Writing: Switched some terminology around, fixed time stamps.

Food: Oatmeal, 2 breakfast burritos, a candy cane, some cashews, no clue what’s for dinner.

Exercise: None.

Other: I should go shave.

Fun: Can I call messing around with the disc roster fun? If it is, I did a lot of that.

Gawds, I’m tired. My social reserve is down to nothing and I have Eric’s people tonight and draft tomorrow. I need a nap…

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To Be or Not to Be…

Patrolman or Patrolwoman? I must be oppressed by ‘the man’ because I prefer patrolman. To me, it’s a generic word. But, the question is, does it become detracting/confusing to people who are not oppressed by ‘the man’…

My Personal Dna Report
I am a concerned experiencer.
And we’ll not get involved in the misuse of the term DNA, as much as the casual throw-around of such a term annoys me.

Eric’s truck’s battery is being annoying. Dinner will be had at some point and then we’ll head up to see Eric’s people. His parents are heading off tomorrow.