Finished The Unicorn Sonata by Peter S. Beagle this morning. (Book #4 of the year.) It’s not Beagle’s best. The story meanders and comes together mostly in the last 20 pages with the revelation of some information that makes all right. The main characters are given their quirks, complexities, and depth. The world is pretty, but not explained, and it doesn’t need to be. (and hey, how often do you find perytons in literature?) There will be things that I will think about later, how events and characters worked out perfectly. Things that are satisfying though found rarely beyond faerie tales. And of course the language is beautiful though not as gorgeous as in other of Beagle’s books.

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  1. connorfc

    Just FYI, in case you didn’t already know…THE UNICORN SONATA is an accidental collector’s item, because the publisher who released it folded just two weeks after putting the books out (with the result that most of the copies sat unsold and undistributed in a warehouse in Atlanta for eight years). During that time Peter kept thinking about the story and realized he wanted to tell a much bigger tale. To do so, however, means adding characters and radically altering THE UNICORN SONATA’s plot line. So he decided to write the whole thing over, from scratch, without even looking at the original version, and make it the first book in a four book series. (His first beliberate series writing, actually.)

    So a few years from now you will see THE UNICORN SONATA, BOOK 1: SHEI’RAH, and THE UNICORN SONATA, BOOK 2: INDIGO, plus volumes 3 and 4…and they will be the full-blown painting that the current version of SONATA is just the pencil sketch for.

    Hope you find that the bigger picture does live up to Peter’s best.

    — Connor Cochran
    Business Manager for Peter S. Beagle


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