Still with the NetFlix stress. I’ve had no reply to the note I sent them Tuesday. I suspect I will get a DVD in the mail tomorrow. My mail has been arriving early the last few days so maybe I can get it back into the mail before 3:30 pick-up.

Now with the router stress. We’ve burnt-out (?) three wireless routers since…September or October? Just nuts. And slightly expensive. And very annoying.

So, I had no internet this morning. And I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. Maybe I’ll try not going on-line until after noon because thus far today:

Writing: 500 words and some discussion with Eric.

Food: Bowl of oatmeal, turkey pot-pie, coffee beverage, lebkuechen.

Exercise: Ran to the soccer field, 10 times around (with short breaks every two laps), walked back.

Other: Dishes & tidied.

Fun: 20 min nap.

I wasn’t feeling too hot this morning, but the nap and exercise helped. And Eric coming home for lunch helped too. So, time to refocus (Stay on Target!), get more writing done and maybe some more housecleaning.

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