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Spent the morning feeling not-so-swell. Did not follow through on not using the internet before noon. (Shock and surprise!)

Writing: Finished rough pass at cemetery scene. 691 words to the positive.

Food: Yogurt, Triskets with PB, Tortino’s Party Pizza. Eric hasn’t called about dinner, but I’m thinking chicken enchiladas.

Exercise: 10th Street snake. Was still poorly so I walked a couple of the short sides. Speaking of, I wore shorts today on my run. The first of the year outside NYF.

Other: Small amount of work on gaming stuff. I need to get my characters converted to our new Rifts skills system. Also have been considering captain’s rankings for league. I should send that out soon. Oh the moral dilemma of rating myself…

Fun: Lots of time wasted in doing not much.

Feeling nostalgic for college dorm days. It’s the stress I’ve been feeling. Makes me want Chopin, R.E.M., Popeyes Chicken, Maggie Moo’s, and chick flicks. How did I manage through college with all the slacking I did? Oh, that’s right, I became an English major…

As I predicted, no rain yesterday. We’re creeping up on 120 days w/o rain. That’s a third of a year.

And the Winter Olympics start today! Time to overdose on figure skating.