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Writing: Switched some terminology around, fixed time stamps.

Food: Oatmeal, 2 breakfast burritos, a candy cane, some cashews, no clue what’s for dinner.

Exercise: None.

Other: I should go shave.

Fun: Can I call messing around with the disc roster fun? If it is, I did a lot of that.

Gawds, I’m tired. My social reserve is down to nothing and I have Eric’s people tonight and draft tomorrow. I need a nap…

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To Be or Not to Be…

Patrolman or Patrolwoman? I must be oppressed by ‘the man’ because I prefer patrolman. To me, it’s a generic word. But, the question is, does it become detracting/confusing to people who are not oppressed by ‘the man’…

My Personal Dna Report
I am a concerned experiencer.
And we’ll not get involved in the misuse of the term DNA, as much as the casual throw-around of such a term annoys me.

Eric’s truck’s battery is being annoying. Dinner will be had at some point and then we’ll head up to see Eric’s people. His parents are heading off tomorrow.