I’m in a grumpy mood, so I’ll mutter about things that are bugging me today.

Issue one: How tampon commercials make your period seem positively life ending! unless you use their brand. I am reminded of when I was young and my period seemed positively life ending! which I whole-heartedly bought into. Until Roni Gibbs in 8th grade pointed out with the candor that could only be mustered by the long-haired rocker clique that it was something every girl had, why stress it?

Issue two: Chocolate Milk: The New Sports Drink? There is a point they’re missing about sports drinks: drinkability during the sport. If I had four hours between frisbee games, chocolate milk sounds like a great idea. After going for a run, the only run of the day, again it sounds like a great refreshing drink. Alas, when I need a sports drink most is during that fifteen or thirty minute interval between two frisbee games on tournament day. The thought of chocolate milk, which gives me a bit of a mucous problem, going down my thick-coated throat to sit and slosh in my stomach during the next game, does not sound appealing. Considering it on the sidelines between points makes me want to outright gag. Gatorade and Red Bull go down easy, and that’s important.

I wanna go to the library…

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  1. melisagogo

    BWAHAHAHAHA! I remember Roni!

    The part of those commercials that bother me are the ladies running around in white pants. I’m sorry, but no matter how absorbant that tampon is and even with a backup “diaper” on, I don’t dare wear white pants during that time. That’s just playing with fire there, that is.

    then again, I wouldn’t wear white pants anyway-they make my ass look ginormous


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