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Writing: Reading through, fixing. Still working on it.

Exercise: Short run.

Food: Cheese pizza, kippers on crackers, Skinny Cow, chicken enchiladas w/beans & rice, half a granola bar pack, milk.

Other: Dishes, tidying.

Fun: Picking my way through free mp3s.

Tomorrow is the first night of league. The usual excitement is heightened. I wonder if I shouldn’t have a beer before I take the bus down to Benedict. Otherwise, I might be too excited. Bought beer tonight for post game. I was sad to see that Safeway doesn’t carry Kaliber any longer. There’s getting to Benedict rather than TSC, and getting shirts and cones and whatnot from Laurie. And seeing the team Eric and I have assembled. *bounce, bounce* And wouldn’t you know it, 30% chance of rain tomorrow night!

Rainless Meter:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
132 / 365