Daily Archives: March 2, 2006

Read Through Violet Eyes by Stephen Woodworth. (Only book #5 of the year. I’m behind.) The premise of a population of people being able to channel the spirits of the dead, in a proven admissible-in-court kind of way, intrigued me. The second chapter of the book was part of Dell’s sampler, and since it was a supernatural murder mystery, I figured I’d give it a try. There was a lot of time spent exploring situations like how would a person who has channeled plane victims react to flying, and just what kinds of steps would they take to avoid the big “black room” of afterlife. And these are interesting questions, but not as interesting as some of those things that would be hard to work into a narrative, such as, what has a proven afterlife done to organized religion, and, why aren’t there any whistle-blowers outing the big bad government agency that treats this population terribly? Unfortunately, the plot was pretty predictable. I had it figured out pretty early on and just waited for the characters to catch up. The story was well-paced, though the writing was only functional. Characters sound too much alike sometimes.

I’m getting finicky in my old age…

Eric’s not home yet. Time to find something else to fill my time.

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