Daily Archives: March 15, 2006

Eric’s been thinking about the nature of selling books, and what we might do to improve our chances. Long conversation ensued. I will be rewriting the first chapter of Model Species and probably adding a chapter to Pas de Chat. Eric had a “Dude.” level idea for the first chapter of Model Species. I’m excited, but I’m not going to write until tomorrow. I don’t want the iron hot, I want it super-nova. And I want to have as-I’m-falling-asleep and in-the-shower time before I dive in.

Ooo, more userpics. Kewl.

Working slowly. Tossing ideas around for the last couple of full scenes that need to be added to Model Species. 100 pages or so left to the read through. I need to get more submissions out at some point. Hesitation, procrastination.

And hey, since there has been rain, it’s time for a new counter…

Model Species read through:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
403 / 510

Disc has been going alright. Urban Monkey Warfare has been winning, and I’ve actually been in okay health lately. That makes me happy

I think I need a Red Bull…