Finished Wild Mind by Natalie Goldberg today on the bus ride home. And I’m counting it as Book #8 for the year even though it’s a reread. The last time I read it was before we moved to AZ and perhaps even before I met Eric. When I read it the first time, it seemed a pale version of Writing Down the Bones. I couldn’t see how it was different from Bones, just inferior. Of course, that was long ago in my writing career before I began to write novels, before I began to worry about defining success. It speaks to me more now that I have several unpublished books behind me. And it’s gotten me back to free writing. Just writing by hand to be mellow with the writing, not to sweat it. I want to continue with the free writing, and reread some of the other writing books I have laying around.

Now I really need to get some work done. The apartment has gone to pot. I wonder what we’ll have for dinner…

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  1. pageeater

    I agree with your comparisom, Wild Mind to Bones. The only other book NG wrote (besides Bones) that I enjoyed was her memoir “…Highway”

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      “…Highway” is on my list for later in the year. (Or at least it is now.) According to my list, I haven’t read it since I moved here either.

      I love my list. I wish I had kept one throughout college. It would be nice to know now just how much I read.

      1. pageeater

        The thought of keeping a reading list makes my head spin. I’ve tried it a couple of times, but my willingness sizzled out before a month had past.

      2. Katherine Nabity Post author

        It could be that I just don’t read that much so it’s pretty easy for me. 😉 And I only keep track of books, which leaves out just about everything I read on-line.

        It all started with this blank book I had. It was too small to be a proper journal (and unlined), so I got it into my head to keep track of what I read while living in AZ. I didn’t think it would last. *shrug* I just finish a book and write it down before I… I was going to say “put it away,” but it’s more like “put it in a not-currently-being-read pile.”

  2. deethie

    I love Wild Mind, but didn’t like it at all the first time I read it. It has grown on me and speaks to me differently everytime I read it. One of those books I can always get something out of. 🙂


    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      It’s funny how much advice I get that I’m not ready to hear.

      I first noticed it with ultimate frisbee. “You should do this…do that…” But I had no idea what they were talking about. Three month after, I say to my self, “A-ha! If I pivot with my left foot it works better, just like they said.”

      And now I see it in my writing too. Wild Mind didn’t seem relevant when I read it the first time. Now I read it and think, “How could I have forgotten? My life could be so much easier!” I’ve become very concerned with the success portion of writing that I’ve forgotten that that doesn’t make good writing.


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