Katherine’s LJ, Blog edition: (’cause I don’t wanna email Eric all these links)

Male monkeys prefer toy cars, females like dolls. The last section of this is connected by the thinnest threads to the rest of it. Better writing would have helped.

The end of crappy internet ads and some spam? Probably not, but NYC’s suit against FreeiPods.com can’t hurt. Not class action. NY attorney general.

GoogleMaps meets the US Census Report. Dang, there’s 21,000 people living in a one mile radius of me?

And lastly, Dissecting Barbie

Edit: Woah, what’s up with this new location feature? It ends up being a link to my *address*? What’s this based on, my IP address? Has LJ announced this feature? I don’t find this particularly cool. I’ve cleared out the “Current Location??? That’s new. At my desk, as usual.” that would be in my tag line, so this might not make much sense to others who…read my journal.

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