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Book #9

Well, I finished House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski.  It had a few unsettling bits.  The whole concept of a house with hallways and rooms that suddenly appear and exceed the area of the actual house, intrigued me.  It’s kind of a disturbing, jarring thought, that your house may not be what you think it is.  Kind of like when I shut the back bedroom door for the first time, after living here a while, and found that on the opposite side of the doorknob was a doorhandle.  I wanted to know what kind of story someone could make out of that sort of unsettling thing.  And I still want to know, because House of Leaves is barely about that.  Mostly all the good bits were shuffled into a pseudoacademic work and the free form thoughts of a druggie.  Don’t even get me started on the type-face hijinks.  And while I think a more hierarchical (or hypertextual) storytelling form could be interesting, this just came off as annoying.  Like American Psycho, it kept me reading just to see the whole thing through.

On the plus side, Samms saw me reading it and brought me Poe’s Haunted to listen to.  (Danielewski and Poe are siblings and there was some cross-marketing between the two works.)  Pretty good.  Much better than Hello.

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You know what would help my writing productivity? A wider monitor so I can do side by side edits. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

Link o’ the day:
Association of Renaissance Martial Arts which seems to include pre-Renaissance information too.

Also, I was going to post some run-downs on this year’s Nebula short work nominees, but really, I’ll be lucky if I have time to finish reading them much less post about them.  And Abagail Nussbaun at Asking the Wrong Questions does a better job of it then I would have:
Short Stories
I’ll link to Novellas when I finish them.

Pools for league playoffs have been posted.  We’ll play our hardest game last, it looks like.  At least Joanne’s team will be missing Dixon.  Or at least they better be missing Dixon, since we would have picked him if he hadn’t said he wasn’t going to be able to make playoffs…  But Red Hot Chilis might give us a game too, who knows?

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Tech Fields a Haven for Some  So just what does it say about me when I prefer to hang out with the engineers instead of interact with other writers?  It could say that I have a raging case of professional jealousy.  Or it could be because my AQ is 25.  One of the things I love about Ultimate Frisbee is that it’s the sport that all the engineers play.

And Berkeley on iTunes  I wonder if they have anything good…

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I dreamt of eating marshmallows last night. Stealing them, in fact, from a blunk bin of some sort of marshmallow-based trail mix in a darkened grocery store. Every time I did, a Snickers bar from the bin next to it would fall to the floor making an uncandybar-like racket. When I finally feared getting caught, I started stealing them from Tim Jenning’s home.

So right now, a Peep in my coffee is very tempting.

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Mushy, mushy brain. I need to pick something to work on. Yug. Just pick something, Katherine, and go with it.

We won our final regular season game, so we’re going into playoffs with one loss and a good point differential. That should put us in a decent pool…I guess. Listen to me writing like I know something. Didn’t do much last night aside from throwing a turn-over and catching a score. Disc today was a little better with a couple nice throws and some okay D.

I want a nap, someone to clean my kitchen, and to watch a rented movie tonight. Instead, work.

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It’s the editing morning from hell…

If you’re subscribed to Booksquare, you can ignore most of this post.

But I want to point out to Eric these two things:

  • Also in relation to that plagiarism case I mentioned last night, Unintentional Borrowing.  I’m rather befuddled by “book packaging companies.”  It leaves me slightly confused, or maybe just wrong-notioned.  I keep thinking I have to have a novel in an impeccable state before I even send it to an agent or publisher.  But then I hear about heavy editing being done by editors, and companies that work already-bought novels into some shape that they previously didn’t hold.  Makes me think that all I have to have, really, is a marketable idea.  Writing be damned.

Lastly, these guys are my new heroes.  I love books.  Not just reading books, but books themselves.  Their look, their smell, their weight.  When life is just a little too much for me, I go to a library.  I spent a lot of time in college at the library.  Bookstores aren’t the same.  If I find something I want in a bookstore I have to pay for it, and the ever-so-slight money anxiety takes some of the serenity out of the sheer number of books that surround me.  Thinking about Irwin Herman and his warehouse of books that he’s giving away, just makes me excited and happy.  Oh, maybe they’re a tad idealistic about the good books can do, but I want to believe they’re not.  If I had to subscribe to a probably irrational belief, mine would be that the lives of everyone could be better with a few more books.

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Over 500 words on a Gaent/Della scene that isn’t finished yet, and 200 on an Alcander bit that Eric liked. Happy day. Did some prewriting for both those scenes. Plus a few other little things.

Did lots of housework while avoiding/mulling. And laundry too.

So, it was a kind of productive Monday.

I’m itching to play disc tomorrow. It will be the last game of the regular season. I game that would really be advisable for us to win if we want good seeding. Hope my good play holds out.

And we might have a new player/players for our gaming group. Some guy here in Tempe contacted me through MySpace. We’ll see how it works out. I need to email him about a few things still. This may mark the first time I’ve met someone in real life that only knows me online. Usually, it’s the other way. People meet shy Katherine before being emailed by less shy Katherine. It’s an amusing little mask I wear here.

Speaking of people who actually know me, I really should email Andy.