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With the addition of the new scene, Model Species is over 100K. I figured it would be. Still a bit to cut (probably) and still a bit to add (definitely).

A possibly tough game coming up tonight for UMW. We’ll see how much three weeks of goofing has hurt us.

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I never quite realized that “Cinnamon Girl” by Type O Negative was a cover of a Neil Young song. A Neil Young song I have probably heard a good 100 times while growing up. So. The Type O Negative song I like the most are covers of 70s songs. Huh.

Article about jaw pain from NYT
I suffered quite a bit of pain in my jaw after my last cleaning. I wonder if it was due to my hygienist’s technique.

A time lapse of the possible spread of avian flu in the US.
Not that I think we’re all going to taken out by avian flu. I find this interesting because it’s the type of thing that’s always generated in about five minutes in any disaster movie.

On the writing front, it takes any ounce of discipline I have to not become completely overwhelmed. And it’s PMS week…

Went to the Renn Faire on Sunday with Eric’s family. (Reidun and Lauren were visiting.) It was dusty and too crowded, but fun.