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I think Teria and Leo are squared away now. *laughs hysterically because the thought of anything squared away on this novel seems akin to catching smoke rings intact* So, next Gaent and Della. Because I’m not ready to tackle Alcander yet.

Urban Monkey Warfare lost its first game last night. White on Rice played well and hard, it was definitely a hard fought game. More distressing to me was the squabbling that occurred. Spirits ran high, I guess. PMS is certainly coloring my perceptions.

Speaking of which, today’s Wednesday game was nice and PMS aggressive. I don’t think I actually got a D, but I made Cayla take pretty easy throws. I had a pretty inside out forehand to Gary, and a total (short) piece of trash to Jot.

We’re getting together with Magda and Sylwester Friday night/Saturday morning. We’ve decided there’s no point in pretending we won’t completely lose track of time. And on Monday we’re feeding Avery in hopes that he’ll give us some novel critiquing. So. Busy.

Currently attempting to read House of Leaves again. Such a strange book.