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Did twelve long laps around the soccer field while listening to The Word Nerds. I currently feel very good. My leg muscles are twitching a bit, just those little painless pulses I get after very repetitive running or walking. I think podcasts might be better for me when I just want a long, not very intense run. Music is better when I want to get a good amount done in not much time.

Something Eric might find interesting: Booksquare covers the NYTBR’s new sci-fi columnist. The original NYT article, It’s All Geek to Me. I guess the question is, what is Itzkoff’s purpose with this review? If it’s to point out that science fiction is sometimes too esoteric and maybe the genre should think about that, he might have made his point. If he wanted to drum up interest in the genre among the non-sci-fi NYT readership, he might have failed and only proved the point that science fiction might not be for them.

And to my utter disbelief: DeVinci Code initial printing is upped to 6 million. I don’t care how many copies end up being fire-saled and free at the library. I ain’t buying one, Dan Brown!