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Dinner tonight with Avery did not happen. Maybe tomorrow, more likely next Monday. He has house issues he’s working through. Instead Eric and I had a ‘working’ dinner which was good. I went to Target this morning, had a breakdown over lunch, and recovered and worked this afternoon. Finished the first changed Alcander scene, though it was an easy one. The buggers are yet to come.

The weekend was too short. We went over to Sylwester and Magda’s Friday night. Watched Plunkett & Macleane, Rat Race, and Ice Age.  Had fun, ate too much chocolate, and drank tasty Chopin vodka.  We stayed over night and talked until 5 in the evening.  Poor Sylwester and Magda.  I owe them a thank you card at the very least.  Sunday Chris came over for a while to game.  It’s very strange to think that he’s off to the Navy come late May.  That both he and AJ are graduating.  Very strange indeed.

My joints are terrible tonight.  And I’ve had a bit of thing going on with my GI track too.  Makes for some misery.

Eric and I have been napping this evening.  During my naps I dreamed.  I decided to write my dreams down.  I realized that there have been too many phone calls this year with people crying.  It might sound harsh and cold, but I’m kind of tired of that.  Why am I the shoulder?