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Sheesh, it can’t be a quarter to six already? Eric will be home soon. Where’d my afternoon go?

Ran this morning after reading through blogs, journals, and forums. Did laundry. Talked to Eric at lunch. Read. Okay, maybe I read too long. Cleaned a little. And now I’ve been trying to backup the computers in a convincing enough way to have the important stuff left if everything explodes. That’s not as easy as it might seem. Isn’t there a big external backup type thing that I can just push a button and it backs everything up? *She asks since she really only feigns computer literacy.*

Good, lazy, long weekend.

Read the Nebula nominated short stories on Saturday. I’m planning reading the rest of the short work categories this week. Unfortunately Captain Alatriste goes back to the library Friday. Bother. I’m not done, probably won’t finish by Friday, but still want to read it. It’s just that I wanted Gothic modern horror and House of Leaves was the choice. Anyway…

Didn’t game, really, until Sunday and then we did lots of it. Didn’t get out to exercise at all aside from a few walks. Hence my run this morning. Actually, I like listening to podcasts while I run. I don’t have enough time to listen to them all, much less catch up on them. The half hour to forty-five minutes while I’m out helps a bunch.

Didn’t go looking for a new desk either, but I was feeling pretty hermit-y. Spent too much time with people over the last couple of weeks.