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I didn’t update yesterday. Just didn’t get around to it.

Eric and I had a knock-down-drag-out about the book Monday night, concerning my progress. My snail-pace progress. I never get going when rewriting like I do when I write. When I write, the first hour might be painful, but then I get into it and the words come rolling out. Usually. When rewriting, there’s very little opportunity for me to get rolling. It’s a sentence here, thirty minutes of work on a scene there, and then move on to the next sentence way over in the next county. When writing, I can start at eight at night and get 1200-1500 words done by midnight. When rewriting, I start at eight and get very little done. The proposed solution? Just keep the doc open and work on it all day with breaks when I get “stuck”. My word output yesterday was double what it has been lately, and I didn’t work yesterday evening due to disc. We’ll see, I guess.

Disc last night was alright. We won and even won the second half which is something we’ve been having trouble with. Personally, I had a pretty good night. I actually got the disc a few times and only had one turnover on a throw. And I finally scored a point this season. Yay! I guess the penultimate game of the regular season is better than nothing. All in all, I’ve been playing pretty well these last two week. I hope I can keep it up through playoffs.