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It’s only 9:30 on my lazy Friday night. I made a deal with the devil to have tonight off if I promised to DM all weekend. I think I’m up to it. But tonight, no work aside from some gaming related stuff.

I think I’ll read some more of the Nebula nominees. I was surprised at the very speculative nature of many of the short story noms. I had been expecting more straight fantasy or science fiction. I have really never spent much time reading shorter works so my experience is pretty limited.

It’s either that or drink some vodka and play Neopets games.

Or I could attempt to make some icons to fill up my 51 spots. And drink vodka.

For some reason my neck has been killing me the last few days. Actually, my body hasn’t felt good today or yesterday. Just as long as I’m fine next week for the last game of the season and for playoffs. My spring leagues are never very satisfying, especially the playoffs. Aside from spring teams being notoriously short handed, I usually have allergies to content with. And then there was that one year I threw my back completely out. Ah, good times…