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Over 500 words on a Gaent/Della scene that isn’t finished yet, and 200 on an Alcander bit that Eric liked. Happy day. Did some prewriting for both those scenes. Plus a few other little things.

Did lots of housework while avoiding/mulling. And laundry too.

So, it was a kind of productive Monday.

I’m itching to play disc tomorrow. It will be the last game of the regular season. I game that would really be advisable for us to win if we want good seeding. Hope my good play holds out.

And we might have a new player/players for our gaming group. Some guy here in Tempe contacted me through MySpace. We’ll see how it works out. I need to email him about a few things still. This may mark the first time I’ve met someone in real life that only knows me online. Usually, it’s the other way. People meet shy Katherine before being emailed by less shy Katherine. It’s an amusing little mask I wear here.

Speaking of people who actually know me, I really should email Andy.

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Adding, adding layers, another layer, to Alcander. Consternation, consternation. I must get it out of my head that I am walking through a mine field and one wrong word will blow off my leg. I’m going to rewrite anyway so I just need to get out there and do it. Nothing gets done if I don’t take that step.

And why is it that, now that my keyboard is at a more proper height, it seems so much smaller? Any meager talent I had at touch-typing seems to have left with my crusty old yellow desk.