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It’s the editing morning from hell…

If you’re subscribed to Booksquare, you can ignore most of this post.

But I want to point out to Eric these two things:

  • Also in relation to that plagiarism case I mentioned last night, Unintentional Borrowing.  I’m rather befuddled by “book packaging companies.”  It leaves me slightly confused, or maybe just wrong-notioned.  I keep thinking I have to have a novel in an impeccable state before I even send it to an agent or publisher.  But then I hear about heavy editing being done by editors, and companies that work already-bought novels into some shape that they previously didn’t hold.  Makes me think that all I have to have, really, is a marketable idea.  Writing be damned.

Lastly, these guys are my new heroes.  I love books.  Not just reading books, but books themselves.  Their look, their smell, their weight.  When life is just a little too much for me, I go to a library.  I spent a lot of time in college at the library.  Bookstores aren’t the same.  If I find something I want in a bookstore I have to pay for it, and the ever-so-slight money anxiety takes some of the serenity out of the sheer number of books that surround me.  Thinking about Irwin Herman and his warehouse of books that he’s giving away, just makes me excited and happy.  Oh, maybe they’re a tad idealistic about the good books can do, but I want to believe they’re not.  If I had to subscribe to a probably irrational belief, mine would be that the lives of everyone could be better with a few more books.