Daily Archives: April 27, 2006

Tech Fields a Haven for Some  So just what does it say about me when I prefer to hang out with the engineers instead of interact with other writers?  It could say that I have a raging case of professional jealousy.  Or it could be because my AQ is 25.  One of the things I love about Ultimate Frisbee is that it’s the sport that all the engineers play.

And Berkeley on iTunes  I wonder if they have anything good…

I dreamt of eating marshmallows last night. Stealing them, in fact, from a blunk bin of some sort of marshmallow-based trail mix in a darkened grocery store. Every time I did, a Snickers bar from the bin next to it would fall to the floor making an uncandybar-like racket. When I finally feared getting caught, I started stealing them from Tim Jenning’s home.

So right now, a Peep in my coffee is very tempting.