You know what would help my writing productivity? A wider monitor so I can do side by side edits. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

Link o’ the day:
Association of Renaissance Martial Arts which seems to include pre-Renaissance information too.

Also, I was going to post some run-downs on this year’s Nebula short work nominees, but really, I’ll be lucky if I have time to finish reading them much less post about them.  And Abagail Nussbaun at Asking the Wrong Questions does a better job of it then I would have:
Short Stories
I’ll link to Novellas when I finish them.

Pools for league playoffs have been posted.  We’ll play our hardest game last, it looks like.  At least Joanne’s team will be missing Dixon.  Or at least they better be missing Dixon, since we would have picked him if he hadn’t said he wasn’t going to be able to make playoffs…  But Red Hot Chilis might give us a game too, who knows?

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