Want potato chips. Mmm, salt. I guess I’ll settle for some cashews and a banana.

We won all three games Saturday. Yay! Won by very nice margins too. Tom flew back early, unexpectedly. Eric and I were schlepping to the far fields when I looked over my shoulder and there was Tom. I did an honest-to-gawd double take. So we’ve made it to play-offs. Woot! We’re playing White on Rice tomorrow. They beat us in the regular season, but our team has really come together since then. And mean literally ‘since then.’ After that game, we started playing through the entire game. Alex started handling so well and Ryan started to wake up and really play. If we can take care of their women, we got it handled. Ooo, excitement!

Today I’m working on some rewrites, as usual, and doing a touch of housecleaning. I’m also working my way into a MySpace argument or two. One of which involving the dude that contacted me about gaming with us. Well, he asked what we all thought about jumping from writing project to writing project. Can I help it if I think you should finish projects, even if they become difficult? (No need to comment on that, Eric. Despite my resistance and laziness, I’m still here, still working on Model Species. If anything, I want to see this bugger done, through and sold more than any other book ever.)

Blech, that banana was kinda nasty, but I feel better now.

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