Coffee Helps in Persuasion  See, this is why men should take women out for coffee instead of caramels.

Ten Things Teenage Writers Should Know  And some okay advise if you’re a not-so-teenage writer too.  I’m thinking about posting this link on a couple of MySpace forums that have a lot of teenagers, but I worry it might be presumptive of me. knows the Differences between Men and Women  I point this out because it really doesn’t say anything that’s new and it’s like a third of a normal web page big.  I’m just glad it can all be summed up so easily…

Via SportsGeezer (one of my favorite blogs), here’s the New Rules of Stretching  Interesting.  Whether this “rewrite [to] the book on stretching” is accurate and non-harmful, I don’t know.

Speaking of blogs, my LJ is becoming a little more bloggish.  That’s because I’m spending less time on Neopets and more time reading stuff.  Is it a good change?  I don’t know.  Mostly it’s just a means to pass on interesting links to Eric.  But, maybe I should start tagging things.

And ironically, the icon that seems to be the most “bloggish” is the Meepit…a critter from Neopets.

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