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I dreamt last night that I had a layout D in our game tonight.

I also dreamt that we went to Hailey’s birthday party and she was very well-behaved.

Make of those two dreams what you will.

This week is nuts with league finals, Nebula weekend, and a birthday party.

I don’t know what to get for Hailey for her birthday, and it also opens the whole b-day gift thing. Eric and I had only done Christmas presents for the nieces/nephew when everyone was out of state. Now with Mark and his family living a drivable distance from us, we’re going to be invited to birthday parties, and of course we gotta bring a little something! But what about Lauren, Gwen, and Ben still in Omaha? It’s not that I don’t want to buy gifts, but gifts for relatives that you’re not too close to is tough. What do they have? What do they like? And what’s good to give that isn’t just more…stuff. And trust me, Hailey has a lot of stuff. I’m thinking maybe something art-crafty. And I wouldn’t mind doing something art-crafty with her Saturday night.

I’m avoiding some tough rewrite-y bits.

I’m sure I woke up this morning thinking it was Wednesday because of the multiple dreams about our frisbee game tonight. I’m getting nervous about it. I am PMSy though. I usually play my best when PMSy.