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We won last night! We’re going to Finals! Heh, and they said we’d self-destruct. And I really hope we win, just to show ’em what a team from the weaker pool can do. I’m so proud of this team. I don’t think I’ve actually been on a league team that improved over the course of a season. Nice, very nice.

Unfortunately, Jennie got a bit unhappy about Nicole being tasked to take care of Gretchen. She took it very personally that we prefered Nicole on D. I don’t know what to do about this, if anything. Were we playing to win last night at the expense of fun? I don’t *think* so. Everyone else seemed pretty happy. No one was saying, “Jennie, stay off the field.” We were just saying Nicole’s the fastest of us girls and probably the smartest at playing. It was a smart decision, not meant to be a personal one.

Went out to play disc today anyway and played harder than I wanted. But I think I’ll be okay tomorrow. I’ve been playing okay lately. It’s really comes down to whether I put effort forth or not.

Work-wise, I’ve been useless since about 3pm yesterday. Blah. I’m just…blah. I’d like to take the week off, but I really can’t. I won’t get anything done Friday.

There’s stuff I need to get done about the apartment to, but I really just want to veg until disc tomorrow.