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Team pic of us Monkeys. What a motley lot. I don’t remember what I found so funny…

For some reason, I can’t get the hang of Scrapbook now that they’ve made it better.

I need to get to work. I’m still so tired and lazy.

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We got into a car accident tonight. On the way back from CVS and Blockbuster, we were hit by a couple of kids who had taken a car for a spin to Circle K. The driver was 15 with no license. The car belonged to his friend’s sister. Supposedly, the car had just been in the shop for brake problems. Hefty, our truck, is most likely totaled. Their car, an Eclipse, wasn’t looking too hot either. Thankfully, NO ONE WAS HURT. Though it remained to be seen whether the one kid is going to get a whuppin’ tonight.

Eric handled it all so calmly. I was shaking in my sandals. It was really hard to think while filling out a report.

Tomorrow, with no vehicle, is going to suck.