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Finished with the writing task I wanted to finish.  Well, mostly.  There’s an instance at the end that still needs work, but I’ve been ignoring the end in general.  A positive 1200 word count for the week.  Hopefully, what I’m adding will all make sense.

And now.  The kitchen needs cleaning.  I need cleaning, and I think a nice long bath sounds good.  I also need to think about my Rifts campaign.  Chris just dropped by to pick up a book and told me he won’t be around this weekend, so Eric will have Sunday with me DMing as well.  And Avery’s party doesn’t start until 7 on Saturday.  Maybe I can beg tonight off, at least for campaign prep and maybe a movie or something.  That would be nice…

Kind of disappointed Chris will be SCUBA diving in Mexico this weekend.  We won’t really get to see him before his graduation on Thursday.  Need to track down AJ too.  Haven’t seen him in a while.

Eric might be going to Austin next week.  Dermatologist appointment for me next Friday.  Life seems much too busy for me.  In response, I’ve been in extra hermit mode.  I don’t mind going out to disc and I’m looking forward to Avery’s party, but just going outside to do something or to go shopping for something seems to be a bit too much.  Oh, I’m fine once I coax myself out there, but while I’m happily sitting at my desk the rest of the world seems to be a bother.

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Wow.  It’s only 10:30.  I jogged 2.5 miles, including two stops to screw with my insoles.  I did a set of high skips, butt-kickers, and high knees to warm up instead of static stretching.  That worked really, really well.  My legs felt damn good while running.  My feet aren’t too happy due to the insoles.  I’ll have to rim them or something.  Just surprised I’m back already. 

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On my local news: 
People have lined up this morning to see The DaVinci Code.  Long line, mostly old people.  Probably happens often here when you have a strong population of retirees.  Nothing better to do at 9 am, let’s go see a movie.  Newscasters interviewing them.  “Why do you want to see the movie?”  Most of the responses were along the lines of, “Uh, read the book, want to see the movie.”  The newscaster assures me that they will be back at 11 with reactions to the movie.

It’s…a movie.  Okay, there’s a small amount of controversy surrounding it.  For what reason, I don’t understand.  Come on, it’s not like there haven’t been other movies that portrayed the Catholic Church in a poor light, or even taken liberties with biblical events.  And really why, since Jesus was supposed to be God incarnated into a flesh and blood man, just like us, do people have a problem with him having a love life?  Don’t normal people have a love life?  You know, fall in love, marry someone, get a little nookie?  That’s not a bad thing.  It’s a normal, flesh and blood thing. 

But anyway…  I really should hydrate more and go for a run.  It’s just so…sunny out.  The sun annoys me.

Tomorrow, a party at Avery’s.  Swims suits involved.  I tried on the swim suit that I haven’t worn since we went to Florida.  The elastic is still good and it still fits.  But really, me in a swim suit.  I’ll take it with me, I’m leaning toward the non-water side of things.