Finished with the writing task I wanted to finish.  Well, mostly.  There’s an instance at the end that still needs work, but I’ve been ignoring the end in general.  A positive 1200 word count for the week.  Hopefully, what I’m adding will all make sense.

And now.  The kitchen needs cleaning.  I need cleaning, and I think a nice long bath sounds good.  I also need to think about my Rifts campaign.  Chris just dropped by to pick up a book and told me he won’t be around this weekend, so Eric will have Sunday with me DMing as well.  And Avery’s party doesn’t start until 7 on Saturday.  Maybe I can beg tonight off, at least for campaign prep and maybe a movie or something.  That would be nice…

Kind of disappointed Chris will be SCUBA diving in Mexico this weekend.  We won’t really get to see him before his graduation on Thursday.  Need to track down AJ too.  Haven’t seen him in a while.

Eric might be going to Austin next week.  Dermatologist appointment for me next Friday.  Life seems much too busy for me.  In response, I’ve been in extra hermit mode.  I don’t mind going out to disc and I’m looking forward to Avery’s party, but just going outside to do something or to go shopping for something seems to be a bit too much.  Oh, I’m fine once I coax myself out there, but while I’m happily sitting at my desk the rest of the world seems to be a bother.

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