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Consuming nearly two whole seasons of House via internet in the past week or so gave me an interesting perspective on tonight’s season finale. 
One, my cable sucks.  Big TV, sucky cable. 
Two, commercials suck.  And I have a short attention span.
Three, that much House in suck a small amount of time could cause one to believe that various parts might explode at any given moment, requiring a lumbar puncture for diagnosis.
Four, all the things that have been annoying me about the show made the finale very cool.
(Edit the second: And when did Eilas Koteas start playing balding middle-aged men?  This makes me feel old.  I do like what his character on House was named though.  Very cute…  Slightly spoilerish, so don’t go IMDBing if you care.)

But then, I *have* started with the martinis…

Next, Casanova.  (Edit: There was an inquisition in 1753?  *blink, blink*  But hey, look!  It’s Mr. Chance!)

The UPS guy just showed up with my pills-for-the-death.  At 9pm.  Slightly…odd.

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In’s section on Men’s Health, there is the following entry:  Decapitation and Loss of Consciousness.  The Author admits that there is a ‘tenuous’ link between decapitation and men’s heath.  Over-statement, I’d say.  It seems more like an article young boys would take glee in reading.  But the *cough* feminist cell of me has to protest.  Isn’t decapitation unhealthy for women too?  Information about something that is harmful to me is not being presented to me!

Yeah, and I haven’t even started in on the martinis yet…

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Didn’t post yesterday.  The MSG in my left-over Chinese food knocked me for a loop.

Was up early this morning.  Eric had to go to Austin, so I’m on my own until tomorrow night.  So what have I done with my day thus far?  Not much.  I…collected and made a few new LJ icons, including this one from lidi.  (Btw, I finally saw Serenity.  I was not a Firefly fan, but the movie didn’t suck.  It was, in fact, at least an order of magnitude better than Aeon Flux, which I saw weekend before last.  Personally, I think it could have been more sci-fi western and been better.  The icon is a quote I liked since the first trailer I saw.)  And I walked to Blockbuster and back.  A four mile walk, says Gmaps Pedometer.  I detoured to University on the way back because Apache is very screwy.  Rented Casanova and Spider.  Bought new hair thingys at Osco since the headband I was wearing snapped while I was walking.

Now, I really need to get some work done.  I’ve got a lot on my plate and just because Eric’s in Austin doesn’t mean he’s not going to check in later and take a look at my progress.  Oh, internet, how you make my world so small.

I also need to do laundry and dishes.  Blah.