Daily Archives: May 26, 2006

Stop Chasing High-Tech Cheaters 
I’d like to think that, ideally, Mr. Socol’s point is that high schools and universities should be teaching a student how to think rather than teaching a long list of ‘trivia’ to be memorized.  That’s a goal I can get behind, even if it would have made me an academically ‘dumber’ student.  But the problem is that quick information access is also making students lazy.  I’d say at least once I week, I come across a post like this:  “I have a test on Jane Eyre tomorrow!!!  I so need help on the essay.  I know the teacher is going to ask about major themes.  Help, somebody tell me about the major themes!!!”  (Well, like that, only not as well written.  There aren’t spell checks on most forums, and the poster wouldn’t have bothered copy/pasting over to Word to give it a check.)  And this poster doesn’t want help, this poster wants to be told what Jane Eyre is about.  Preferably, he wants someone to give him an essay to paraphrase.  Never mind that he could have looked up the Wikipedia entry on it.  Or, he could have spent the time, read the book, thought about it a little, and come up with his own ideas about the book’s major themes.  But then, the teacher is probably just looking for a check list of certain phrases to be used in the essay, so if the student comes up with something original, he’s probably screwed anyway…

Back from my 11am dermatology appointment  At 11:25  Dr. Love, a gentlemanly 50-ish man, took me to an exam room and asked what my problem was.  I explained about my spot including that, in the past week, it had flaked off and was no longer as lumpy as when I made the appointment.  He didn’t seem surprised about that.  He took a look at it, the other side of my face and the exposed bits of my arms.  “Your skin is in good shape.  The spot is nothing serious, but is precancerous.   I suggest freezing it off which will leave no scar.  We can do that today if you’d like.”  I saw no reason why not to do it today, so Dr. Love left for a moment and came back with a cup of, was it liquid nitrogen?  Anyway, “This will sting,” dab-dab with a swab, and I was out of there by 11:35.  “I won’t even schedule a follow up.  Keep using your sunscreen.”