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Back from my 11am dermatology appointment  At 11:25  Dr. Love, a gentlemanly 50-ish man, took me to an exam room and asked what my problem was.  I explained about my spot including that, in the past week, it had flaked off and was no longer as lumpy as when I made the appointment.  He didn’t seem surprised about that.  He took a look at it, the other side of my face and the exposed bits of my arms.  “Your skin is in good shape.  The spot is nothing serious, but is precancerous.   I suggest freezing it off which will leave no scar.  We can do that today if you’d like.”  I saw no reason why not to do it today, so Dr. Love left for a moment and came back with a cup of, was it liquid nitrogen?  Anyway, “This will sting,” dab-dab with a swab, and I was out of there by 11:35.  “I won’t even schedule a follow up.  Keep using your sunscreen.”


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