Daily Archives: May 30, 2006

Link o’ the day:  (well, actually I found it a few days ago…)
Astronomy for Science Fiction Writers

Yesterday and today, Eric and I got up early to go running with Chris.  Eric made an effort to keep up with Chris yesterday, and his muscles have paid for it.  I jogged at my putzy pace.  Three miles yesterday, 2.25 miles today.  Being up early is strange.  Here it, quarter to nine.  I’ve exercised in the cool of the morning.  I’ve eaten breakfast.  I’ve checked up on email and forums.  Now I need to open my files and get to work..  ‘Cause I’ll probably want to go to sleep by 10 tonight…

Went to see X-Men: The Last Stand on Saturday.  I liked it.  It had it’s problems, but it was ambitious  and that’s to be applauded.  It could have been better.  Rented Murderball, which I also liked.  We hadn’t rented a ‘left-field’ film in a while, and as usual, it paid off.  Chris has also left us with Band of Brothers.  We couldn’t get disc one to play, but we watched both episodes on disc two.  It’s…okay.  Maybe a little too maudlin for me.