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Links of interest (to Eric in particular):
Beta-carotene could help slow the natural decline in lung function
And ABC has been doing a several stories about adults with autism: Here and Here.  The second is the better of the two, though the on-line videos are the best presentation.


After jogging yesterday morning, I discovered that it was possible for me to go out and play pick-up.  I figured I’d go out throw around a little, play a few points…  I was there until last point, and the white team definitely had the speed advantage.  At least girl-wise.  I think I might have touched the disc a total of three times.  And then I went out today to run against Cayla.  And the new guy.  Who I scored on.  I only feel a little bad about that because he did poach in on the throw to Eric, and therefore wasn’t near me when Eric threw it to me.

So.  Do I start reading Model Species from the beginning once again?  Or do I play around with the ending, which is long overdue?  The first option would be much more palatable if I could read it somewhere other than at my desk.  Perhaps writers love laptops so much because they mean that re-reading can be done somewhere far away from their desk.  Or at least across the room from their desk…

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Our car insurance informs me that “there is no coverage for loss to any vehicle due to fungi.”  That’s not much of a problem here in AZ, but I can see where it might be an issue in the Gulf Coast.  What is surprising to me is that “there is no coverage for loss to any vehicle that results from nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive contamination, or the accidental or intentional detonation of or release of radiation from any nuclear or radioactive device.”  So, mental note, no transportation of nukes in Hefty…